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The Curse of My College Roommate

"When you have children, you are totally going to have all boys", said my college roommate in 1999. "What a mean thing to say!", I replied. You see, I grew up in Arkansas, where talking about your future children years before conception is a bit of a pastime. We spend hours planning names, nursery themes, baby showers while we are practically babies ourselves.

Anyway, back to the insulting comment from my roommate. Having a boy would just not do. Boys are wild. Boys are messy. Boys are loud. Boys don't call their moms nearly as often as I thought they should.

My sister and I as children could be described as prim and proper. We enjoyed Barbies, tea parties, speaking in English accents, dressing up our cat in doll clothes. I played softball, but I always had perfect hair for each game. Boys did not enjoy or care about any of these things. We did not understand boys, thus they were scary.

When I became pregnant, I remembered the comment from my roommate. I would think, "Boy was she wrong! No way I'm having a boy!" I constantly told my husband that I felt bad for him that he would never get to have a son as I was biologically only capable of producing girls. I was supported in this theory that none of the men on my Dad's side of the family had any male children. Yes, I took enough Biology in school to know that this was total hogwash, but it was enough to convince myself that having a boy would be impossible.

So, flash forward a few months to our ultrasound where we are told.....without a doubt......that we were having a boy. The scariness of boys seemed to fade into the distance. It suddenly occurred to me that I was going to receive a miniature version of my husband. I thought, "My husband was once a little boy. And look how awesome he is. Maybe this will turn out ok after all."

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