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UPDATED: I Steal Chicken Nuggets

I steal chicken nuggets.

Let me preface this whole post with this. I have a wonderful mother. My sister and I were always adorably dressed, completely content, and felt extremely well loved.

But. There was something she would do that I SWORE I would never do. When we would go to McDonalds, she would always end up swiping a portion of our Happy Meals. Did we always finish our Happy Meals? Well, no.....but it was just the principle of the matter to us. It got to a point where we would put black pepper on our french fries as soon as we sat down to "mom proof" them (she didn't like pepper on fries). Up until probably last year, I would bring up her Happy Meal thievery as a way to tease her.

Well, I stopped teasing her because I........(gulp) I steal chicken nuggets. Occasionally I take my son to McDonalds for lunch. Ok, I admit we went several times when they had minion toys from Despicable Me 2! But I do watch those chicken nuggets like a hawk. I confiscate a chicken nugget as soon as I feel like his eating pace is slowing down. They are just too tasty to waste, and I'm sitting there with my grilled chicken caesar salad trying to be healthy. I guess I could order my own chicken nuggets like I have suggested to my Mom for decades, but who wants to do that? I'm sorry Mom. You were right, I probably wasn't going to finish my Happy Meal anyway.

These days, my Man in Training now selects a CHEESEBURGER for his Happy Meal. I personally think he's trying to be like his Dad, as that is what his Dad orders. Or maybe he's getting to be tricky just like his old mom was with her mom! Anyway, now I'm not nearly so tempted to steal from his Happy Meal. You win this round little guy. Now if I could just stop eating his Annie's Chocolate Bunnies!

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