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Mom In Training

When I was just out of college, I was in sales for a very large juvenile products company. My job was to sell strollers and car seats to buyers at some very large retailers. I flew all over the country, often times with a stroller, pack 'n play, or highchair sample. Once or twice I didn't have time to ship a sample out of ahead of me, and I had to bring it with me on the plane. I would get some strange looks as I pushed a stroller with no baby in sight. Once I arrived at my destination I would check into my hotel and assemble the products I had shipped to the hotel in advance. I would practice using each product as I would have to demonstrate the features to my buyer in an effortless manner. Sometimes I was dealing with a prototype from R&D which made this much harder!

The funny thing about this situation is that I spent thousands of hours assembling, displaying and talking about these products that I had ZERO experience using with a REAL baby. Once my Man in Training was born, I was hit with this reality.
Sure, I could TELL you about why I had bought a certain car seat. And I could install it in my car as safely as humanly possible, but when the moment came at the hospital to put my precious son in it, I realized that I had never done this before. It was HARD! Adjusting the straps with a squishy precious newborn was scary! What an eye opening experience! Becoming a parent is one of those situations in life where you look at your pre-child self and realize, "I KNEW NOTHING!" As my son gets older and we encounter new situations, I am reminded that I am always going to be a "Mom in Training".

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