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Meet Chichi

Name: Chichi Monkey

Occupation: Best friend, Co-conspirator, Anarchist

Birth: I was gifted to my best friend by his Grandma. I come from the Now & Then Shoppe in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Hobbies: Shenanigans with my best friend Fletcher, watching Curious George, traveling on airplanes, playing with trains, and taking the blame when Fletcher gets in trouble. Sometimes I go for swims in the toilet and in the bathtub because I just can't help myself.

Highlight of my life so far: Meeting Woody from Toy Story at Disneyworld. He really "got" what I've been through.

Hopes & Dreams: I wish to be truly clean again, maybe for the hole on my face to be sewn up and stay that way. And for Fletcher to put his name on my foot like Andy did for Woody.

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